RELUXLITE, founded in shenzhen,China in 2016,mainly engaged in Commercial solar street light,solar engine,solar sign light,solar post top,solar bollard,solar flood light and solar power station. After five-year development, RELUXLITE, with its innovative product functions and modern design, has become a leading supplier in bifacial soalr street light field. With 15-year experience in LED lighting field and 5-year in solar field,widey accepted by most countries around the world,RELUXLITE can supply universal certificates such as: CE, RoHS, SAA, CSA, UL, TUV approved,and never sacrifice the quality for any reason, to be No.1 in this niche market, absolutly providing our customers the most competitive products. As a manufacturer audited by ISO9001:2008 and a powerful and dedicated team of more than 150 staff, 15 engineers, RELUXLITE is always strive to provide high qulity product as well as over-expected service.With efforts from all level of company,there are more than 200 models available on offer.Monthly Capacity fulfills 50000pcs for finished lamps.

Tightly Cooperating well with certain customers from all over the world,under the slogan spirit"ONE WORLD,ONE PEOPLE", RELUXLITE is profoundly recognized and known for reliability, professional services and passionate team spirit.



With the Christian spirit"light of hope",RELUXLITE has been bringing the light and hope to the people who need lights,green energy with high quality.

Brand Belief


Brand Vision

Focus on solar energy with high quality, good-looking and cost-effective products to let more people enjoy green energy and light.

Brand Mission

Enjoy the green life,Green the Earth with Solar energy.

Brand Slogan


Core Competence




GALAXY Vertical Solar bollard is cutting-edge design to make it vandal-proof for bollard head,with booster US SUNPOWER vertical solar panel 60w and 2 CCT(3000K/5000K),which is very popular with customers from Australia,USA,Canada and EU countries.



BEATLES Solar batten light is innovative design to make it vandal-proof,hidden button with 2W 4W 6W adjustable and 2 CCT(3000K/5000K),which is very popular with customers from Australia,USA and EU countries.



TITAN Vertical solar street light is brandnew design,without any dust,snow or bird droppings problems,which can enable the light fixture working 365days per day,is very popular with customers from Mid-east,Australia,USA and EU countries.



RELUXLITE Launched No.1 40000lm solar street light or equivalent solar engine with 320W Bifacial solar panel,which can illuminte the mining area in such as Australia,Brazil and South Africa market.



With self-own PTC Auto-heating technology,RELUXLITE MARS,OLYMPIK series can enhance the solar street lighting to work in extreme cold condition(-40C).We have been developing the PTC Auto-heating technology more than 3 years,which performs very well in some countries,such as Cananda,Japan,North parts of USA,Geramny,Sweden,etc.



RELUXLITE, with its innovative functions and modern design, has been becoming a dark horse in Solar Lighting Field.IoT solar lighting can connect 4G,Wifi with remote App control function,widely accepted by customers from Australia,Canada and European countires.



High performance bifacial solar panel was launched by RELUXLITE in Shenzhen, China.

Company Profile


With strong R&D strength to design unique bifacial solar street lights,all products would be produced in-house and 100% QC pass.RELUXLITE sales team would be passionate to sell solar products and serve the customers from all over the world.

Solar Technology Competence

Reluxlite is a poineer to launch bifacial solar street light series MARS and OLYMPIK,which can add 23% efficiency(Totally 26%)compared traditional mono or poly solar panel,with Max.40000lm solar sports lights can be installed in government projects,sport stadium,can be used as solar engine to support many off-grid projects.PTC Auto-heater enable customer to use our MARS,OLYMPIK series in somewhere is extreme cold areas such as Canada,North of Europe,Japan,etc.MPPT and ASW3.0 intelligent controller can prolong the light-up time according different weather condition.Most importantly,our led module light efficacy reaches up to 200lm/w(250lm/w for leds),with patent glue-potting lens reflection rate 98%,it can save plenty energy to work longer and brighter.

Sole Distributor Philosophy

RELUXLITE is glad to welcome the distributors from different countries or zones to be our sole agent locally.In such case,both you and us can reach real Win-win cooperation.

Global layout

Shenzhen, China

United States

Chongqing, China


Three global management centers

Shenzhen,China----- RELUXLITE headquarters / R & D center / production base/Sales Center

US-----North America warehouse/After-sale service

Chongqing,China-----R&D branch office / Sales service


Optimizing R&D & procurement & production capability

As the raw material cost is increasing sharply during Covid-19 period,RELUXLITE strive to optimize R&D process,reduce procurement cost,and enhance production capability to offer best price to our customers with high quality.

Multilingual sales service

Our sales people can speak English,Japanese,Italian,Germany,French,Spainish,etc.

Welcome to be our sole distributor

One country,one sole distributor is our marketing philosophy,which can enable us to reach the real Win-win cooperation.

Welcome OEM Cooperation

With 15-year experience in lighting field and 5-year in solar field,RELUXLITE welcome any OEM project based on solar field.

Welcome joint-developing new product

With the contract spirit,RELUXLITE can be your trustful partner to launch joint-developing new products.

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