Solar Camera + 2000lm LED


  • 75W Bifacial Solar Panel

  • 10W Lighting Power

  • PTC Auto-heating System

  • 561.6WH Battery Capacity

  • Anti-bird Spike

  • DC24V Output

Off-grid Solar Camera
A professional Solar Camera + Lighting provider

reliable energy.

Li-ion & LiFePO4 battery for long lifetime
561.6WH Battery Capacity,Over 2000 recycle times or more than 5 years

We use the famous battery brand-CHAM
Highest quality for government,council and NGO projects

Bifacial solar panel 26% efficiency
75W Bifacial solar panel

Increase 23% compared to mono/poly solar panel
Top/bottom side absorb sunshine energy

Mounting Arms Option
The lighting parts can be removed

It can be used on the pole
It is popular with the customers from US,Australia and Canada

Anti-bird spike
Prevent solar panel surface from birds droppings

You can install it as it is needed.

Bifacial solar panel 90 degree rotatable
No limit,universal application

Strong holder for 90 degree rotatable angle
Pole Spigot diameter 60mm

Remote area security solution
The solar camera + lighting provider

Product Parameter

  • Product Name

    Solar Camera + 2000lm LED

  • Product model


  • Solar Panel

    Bifacial 75W

  • Battery

    12V/46.8AH Li-ion

  • Controller Type

    MPPT controller

  • Voltage Output


  • Heating Function

    PTC Auto-heating function

  • Motion Sensor


  • Lighting Parts

    Can be added or removed if needed

  • Weight


  • LED Module

    Recommend 10W

  • LED Efficacy


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