SKY Bifacial Solar Flood Light


  • 120W Bifacial Solar Panel

  • 30W Lighting Power

  • PTC Auto-heating System

  • 460.8WH Battery Capacity

  • Anti-bird Spike

  • DC43V Output

SKY Solar Flood Light in USA
365days working ability to light up the tunnel area.

For clear,reliable energy.

LED lighting/MPPT controller/Battery 3 in 1
Unique powerful solar flood light

It is popular with customers from CA/USA/EU/Japan
Self-developed technology and 3 years application experience

Bifacial solar panel 120W
26% Efficiency

Easy to install
Illuminate where you want

Extension LED module*1
It would illuminate larger area

Bifacial solar system would charge faster(totally 26%)
Increasing by 23% efficiency compared to mono/poly solar panel

How to use it?
Bifacial solar panel*1+SKY flood light*1+ extension LED module*1

You can install it as it is needed.

You can add one more Bifacial solar panel
No limit,universal application

Fast sun charge
U bracket installation
Two-side brackets available

International NGO Africa area
The sole bifacial solar lighting provider

Product Parameter

  • Product Name

    SKY 6000lm

  • Product model


  • Solar Panel

    Bifacial 120W*1

  • Battery

    12.8V/36AH LifePO4

  • Controller Type

    MPPT controller

  • Voltage Output


  • Heating Function

    PTC Auto-heating function

  • Motion Sensor

    Microwave Motion Available

  • Working mode

    30.8 hours @100% 15W

  • Weight


  • LED Module

    Recommend 30W

  • LED Efficacy


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