Solar Engine


  • 100W Bifacial Solar Panel

  • Recommended Output 20W

  • PTC Auto-heating System

  • 748.8WH Battery Capacity

  • Anti-bird Spike

  • DC24-60V Output

Innovative Solar Engine Solution
Bifacial Solar Engine

Easy installation,off-grid solar energy solution.

Powerful off-grid energy solution
748.8WH Battery Capacity

It can be connected with customer's led street light head
Suitable for mining area,parking lot and large projects

Ideal solution for solar led landsacpe lights
It can connect 4-6 units led landscaped light(DC24V)

Can be customized for more autonomy days
We can drive max 100meters wire without any brightness drop

Popular solar solution for outdoor LED strips
Off-grid,no wiring problem to light up your garden

We can offered APP controlled system
You can adjust workig mode by your phone easily

Largely used for solar LED neon rope light
You can carry it to camp anywhere or decorate your garden

Plug & Play solar solution

Take a look at on-site installation of solar engine
You can put the solar engine anywhere and drive any devices you wanted

This solar engine drive bollards
You can connect 6 bollards
We can customize solar engine for you

Solar Engine Solution for LED Landscape Lighting
We can customize to connect x2 x4 x8 x10 x20 landscape lights

Product Parameter

  • Product Name


  • Product model


  • Solar Panel

    Bifacial 100W

  • Battery

    12V/62AH Li-ion

  • Controller Type

    MPPT controller

  • Voltage Output


  • Heating Function

    PTC Auto-heating function

  • Motion Sensor

    Micromave sensor

  • Wire Length

    Max 100M

  • Weight


  • LED Module

    Recommend 20W

  • Autonomy hours @ 20W(Wh)


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