Spark Retrofit Solar Stop Sign


  • 10W Mono Solar Panel

  • 2W Lighting Power

  • Solar input 18V

  • 74WH Battery Capacity

  • 100% LCD Display Battery

  • DC output 12V

Spark Retrofit Solar Stop Sign
World No.1 Solar Retrofit Stop Sign Supplier

Retrofit for the existing stop sign or new one

How to retrofit?
You can buy stop sign plate locally or put on the exisiting plate

10W Mono solar panel charging fast
Powerful off-grid Retrofit Solar Stop Sign

It can works 24hours everyday
365days working per year

Suitable for distributors and installers

Octagon stop sign size
24in,30in,36in are available

Easy installation
Spark solar system can be Fixed on existing stop sign post

LCD Display to show battery capacity
98% battery capacity

Push the button,it works permanently

A real case in USA
24/7 Working mode

Safety at night
Most cost-effective retrofit led bars
Used for existing stop sign or build a new one

Spark Retrofit Solar Stop Sign

Product Parameter

  • Product Name

    Spark Retrofit Solar Stop Sign

  • Product Model


  • Solar Panel

    Mono 10W

  • Battery

    7.4V/10AH Li-ion

  • Controller Type

    MPPT controller

  • Working time

    24/7 55times/Minute

  • Retrofit Kit

    8 units led bars

  • Connectors

    8 units

  • Waterproof Grease

    1 bottle

  • Octagon Size

    24in,30in,36in are available

  • Duration Time


  • Wire Protection

    Stainless steel pipe