Gemini Bifacial Solar Street


  • 160W Bifacial Solar Panel

  • 100W Lighting Power totally

  • PTC Auto-heating System

  • 1200WH Battery Capacity

  • LED Array adjustable

  • DC43V Output

Off-grid Solar Energy Solution
A professional solar solution provider

For clear,reliable energy.

50W*2 LED Array on two sides
Illuminating two sides with one Gemini Lamp

Highest quality for park,plaza or main street

A Gemini application case in USA
Two side illumination with one Gemini fixture

Save one light fixure with Gemini
You can adjust the led parts

A real case in CA,USA
160W Bifacial solar panel

Bifacial solar systme would charger faster(totally 26%)
Increasing by 23% efficiency compared to mono/poly solar panel

160W Bifacial Solar Panel

Easy to install,easy to use

Gemini-plus can be used for plaza area
No limit,dual-directional illumination

It can save plenty of fixtures,poles and labors
Pole Spigot diameter 80mm
You can put Gemini-plus on 10-12meters pole

Gemini bifacial solar street light
A professional parking lot lighting provider

Product Parameter

  • Product Name

    GEMINI 20000lm

  • Product model


  • Solar Panel

    Bifacial 160W

  • Battery

    12V/100AH Li-ion

  • Controller Type

    MPPT controller

  • Voltage Output


  • Heating Function

    PTC Auto-heating function

  • Motion Sensor

    Microwave sensor

  • Working mode

    1H100% 2-3H80% 4H60% 5H-dawn 25%

  • Weight


  • LED Module

    Recommend 50W x 2

  • LED Efficacy


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