Unique MARS Bifacial Solar Street


  • 60W Bifacial Solar Panel

  • 40W Lighting Power

  • PTC Auto-heating System

  • 540WH Battery Capacity

  • Anti-bird Spike

  • DC43V Output

A real case in Africa area
20feet/6meters high pole with 8000lm


Typical Black color(Beige color is available)
540WH Battery Capacity,Over 2000 recycle times or more than 5 years

We use the famous battery brand-CHAM
Highest quality for government,council and NGO projects

Install MARS solar street light in Australia
20feet/6 meters high pole

With bird-spike
3-4days working at full charge

Install MARS solar street light in Madagascar,Africa
60W Bifacial solar panel

Light of Hope!
A huge added value for the village community.

Light-up for the first time in the village's history
Shops can open longer.

People can spend more time outdoors in the evening.

Round holder for wooden pole
Square holder for concrete pole

Holder size can be customized for the projects
Pole Spigot diameter 60mm
Easy installation,plug and play

International NGO Africa area
The sole bifacial solar lighting provider

Product Parameter

  • Product Name

    MARS 8000lm

  • Product model


  • Solar Panel

    Bifacial 60W

  • Battery

    12V/45AH Li-ion

  • Controller Type

    MPPT controller

  • Voltage Output


  • Heating Function

    PTC Auto-heating function

  • Motion Sensor

    Infrared sensor

  • Working mode

    1H100% 2-3H80% 4H60% 5H-dawn 25%

  • Weight


  • LED Module

    Recommend 40W

  • LED Efficacy


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